Aspen Autumn

Aspen Autumn
Gods Palette is filled with love, kindness and many colors.  I hope my art will fill your home or business with joy and happiness. 
Many Blessings!


Tibby Steedly said...

This is so beautiful!

Lyric Lucas said...

Congratulations, your beautiful artistic work is Featured on the home page of the "Bedroom Art Gallery"

Holly April Harris said...

Everything about this is beautiful!!
Fantastic painting!
I am very pleased to feature your wonderful artwork in the ‘Appalachia America’
Please add it to the “2023 Second Quarter FEATURED IMAGES Collection” thread in the discussions area to record and exhibit your image amongst the best in the group.
Thank you!

Nancy Carol said...

Excellent and thank you for sharing with us your wonderful work of art that has been proudly presented on the Home Page of the group, 'ART FOR PASSION - PASSION FOR ART'.
If you wish, you may archive it permanently or promote it further in the Discussions Tabs titled, "April -May 2023 Features."