Father of Lights

Father of lights


Gods Palette is filled with love, kindness and many colors.  I hope my art will fill your home or business with joy and happiness. 
Many Blessings!


Gods Palette Artist Kelly said...

Lyric Lucas Posted Today at 11:52 AM Congratulations, your beautiful artistic work is Featured on the home page of the "Bedroom Art Gallery" group. 4/12/ 23 .

Gods Palette Artist Kelly said...

Nancy Carol Posted Today at 08:23 AM WELL DONE! Excellent and thank you for sharing with us your wonderful work of art that has been proudly presented on the Home Page of the group, 'ART FOR PASSION - PASSION FOR ART'. If you wish, you may archive it permanently or promote it further in the Discussions Tabs titled, "April -May 2023 Features.".